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Dualda helps you to find out what partner suits to you - just by playing around! No boring questionnaire to fill out!
Dualda connects the fun between playing online games and online dating. Isn´t that a wonderful way to combine these two things and maybe even find the love of your life? If you don´t find the love yourself, then let her find you, or just find the friends with whom you share the same interests! No matter what, you won't ever be bored at Dualda!

Dualda works surprisingly differently from any other dating and advice / recommendation websites, but it is very simple: You upload an image of yourself and the Dualda community users will give you an advice what suits best to you. In return you can make as well suggestions and advice to other users. The only requirement is that you upload a profile image.

Upload Profile Image
1. Upload a profile image
Just upload one or up to five profile images from you
Play Games
2. Play games
Play one of several games and match others or give them an advice
Get Recommendations
3. Get advice
You will get advice from others after a short time

How does it work?

We think a profile image is enough information to make a good advice. From a good profile image you can read out lots of non-verbal information about a person. With this information you can decide which users match together. Or you can tell what style is fitting to him or her. So we created some games working only with one user profile image. So one profile image is shown and the user has to decide what fits to this user only be seeing this image. Here are two examples for the games:


Get or give partner advice

By showing only one user profile image the Dualda users give a recommendation or advice which two users are fitting together best. So you can give partner recommendations to others by playing this game or you get partner advice if other users play the game. By playing games and giving more advice you will earn more and more credits. These credits can be spend for getting several more features.

What partner fits to me?


Give or get styling advice

Like in the partner advice game in this game you can give or get styling advice. Here one user profile image is shown and the user has to decide what suits to this user best. Again the user giving recommendations or advice will earn credits for playing this game

 What style suits me?

Get style recommendations


Find a partner with similar or same interests

If you are looking for a new partner interests are a main factor for success. Is it necessary to have common interests to find the right partner? We think Similar or same interests build the fundamental for a happy time together. Dualda helps you to find a single with same or similar interest with just one click.

Find a partner with similar or same interests

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Which profile picture looks best? How do I come across? What should I wear? And most of all: who could it work out with? Whoever hurled himself into the adventure of online-dating surely is familiar with those questions. Answers aren't always easy to find. The trick: you don't answer the questions for yourself but for someone else. And you let others do the same for you.

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